Debenhams launches virtual pop-up stores

Here at Snap Fashion we’re all about using technology to help people shop smarter and look even better, through our visual search and body shape apps. So we’re always really interested to see what the high street is doing tech-wise.

Debenhams has launched what it claims is the UK’s first virtual pop-up store.  To play (for a limited time) you need an iPhone or iPad and you need to use if in one of 5 locations to find ‘invisible’ party dresses. It might sound a little bonkers but the app is pretty clever, incorporating geo location and augmented reality and the prize for playing the Debenhams game is a 20% online discount.

Check out the video!

We’re really excited that more high street shops are embracing clever app technology but do you think people will download a new app and go through a 7-step process to get a 20 percent discount? We’re not completely sure but hope so!

Students can also play SCVNGR at Topshop (we would have tested this out but alas are too old) but you can play on iPhone and Android. The idea is that students can collect points and unlock rewards by doing ‘challenges’.  I think you also get a canvas shopper, which is actually pretty cute.

Swarovski also did a SCVNGR challenge where players downloaded the app and raced round London locations to find ‘hidden gems’. Prizes were impressive with rings and perfumes up-for-grabs as well as the grand prize of an all expenses paid trip to Florence, Italy.


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