Nicole Scherzinger braves Noritaka Tatehana platforms

Nicole Scherzinger is the latest celeb to totter in towering heel-less boots a la Lady Gaga. These undoubtedly uncomfortable creations are by Japanese designer Noritaka Tatehana, whose profile has soared after Gaga ordered five bespoke pairs of heel-less boots.

Nicole stays upright in the amazing boots!

WOW! Art or shoes?

How does she walk?

Lady Gaga braves even more extreme boots by the designer

Fellow designer Antonio Berardi has also dabbled in heel-less boots – check out the amazing footwear on Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham does the fetish trend a little early in Berardi boots


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2 responses to “Nicole Scherzinger braves Noritaka Tatehana platforms”

  1. Brandon R. Fourie says :

    The shoes Nicole Scherzinger are wearing are NOT Noritaka Tatehana, they are Kermit Tesoro… the only other celebrity that i know of that had a pair of Noritaka Tatehana shoes on is Daphne Guinness!

    • snapfashion says :

      Hi, Thanks for the spot. You might well be right- we’ve found the design attributed to 4 different designers and will keep searching for the truth! 🙂

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