Discovery Monday: Stylistpick – first look at November goodies!

Oh to be a celebrity! The glamour, the freebies and the teams of beauty pros and stylists making sure you ALWAYS have a good hair/fashion day.

The good news is that our latest web/fashion discovery, Stylistpick, gives you shopping inspiration picked by professional stylists to suit your personal loves and loathes.  You might have heard about the website as Cheryl Cole is currently designing a shoe range that will go on sale in December (we can’t wait!)

But aside from Cheryl’s shoes, the site has so many great accessories and they all cost £39.95 including delivery. Here’s a sneak peak at the latest gear that goes on sale tomorrow…

November goodies!

To get your hands on the accessories, you need to join the website and take a quiz to identify yourstyle. I’ve done some of these before for sites like StyleMint and quite liked the results but can honestly say that the accessories picked out for me, as a ‘free, unique individual’ were right up my street – especially a beautiful burgundy ostrich structured handbag.

Once you’ve taken the quiz you receive a monthly email packed with shoes, handbags and jewels picked out by professional stylists to suit your style. The best bit is that unlike other services you don’t have to buy stuff every month and can ‘skip’ a month as many times as you like.

Here’s a vid of how Stylistpick works…

Better still, all new customers get 25% off their first purchase, which could be something from Cheryl’s collection in December or Louise Roe’s bright heels! Check it out and scroll down for some stunning editorial from the company.

We love these wedged shoes

Cute boots - and we love how StylistPick gives you tips on what to wear with your new shoes

And finally 'wow' boots and that amazing 70s floppy hat

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