Fashion sneakers: top picks

My name is Sarah and I’m a sneaker/plimsoll addict. I think I started with Keds, moved to Vans as a teen, grew into Converse and am now a Superga fan (like Alexa Chung) …but realistically always have around 5 pairs on the go and I’m a big fan of a limited edition. I’m very grateful for Phoebe Philo for being spotted in trainers – we can’t be expected to trot around in heels all the time, can we?

While I managed to buy a very practical pair of Supergas in elephant grey I am a colourful plimsoll fiend – my favourites are purple scribble Vans by Crayola. But here are some sensational sneakers I’m currently lusting over…including Henry Holland for

Just the right amount of Aztec trend: Converse All Star ox low double tongue in charcoal and aztec

Perfect for Xmas: Cedar snowflake Vans

Love the mix of felt + glossy ribbon in those Champion Celebrity Wooly low pumps by Keds

Adds interest to black skinny jeans - Classic slip-on Hi Volt Vans

Almost plimsols...Eb's print Blazer low pumps from the Liberty Nike Autumn collection

And finally I might have to buy these burgundy velvety Vans - LOVE!


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3 responses to “Fashion sneakers: top picks”

  1. emily bennett says :

    Do you know where I can buy the charcoal converse with the aztec double tongue? I saw somebody wearing them the other day and I’ve been dieing for them ever since!! No website sells them!!

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