Young professional women labelled ‘The Spoilt Generation’ – no thanks!

We like SATC (the TV series not the films) and are partial to the odd chick flick; Shopping? We’re pros, but members of ‘The Spoilt Generation?’ we’re not and don’t want to be.

According to The Daily Mail, ‘evidence suggests women today are the most spoilt generation ever’. And we take issue with that. The newspaper reckons that there’s a whole swathe of society that is choosing to ignore advice about paying off debt in this tough just-post-recession landscape, namely ‘young professional women’ (ahem) who are choosing to get further into debt to fund a designer lifestyle.

The article gives examples of women who spend pretty much all their salary on designer fashion items despite spiralling debt problems and we’re not saying these people don’t exist – only that we don’t think they’re typical of young professional women who in general, we believe, work hard and are not ‘pampered’ or ‘spoilt’. The article even goes on to connect women’s impulsive shopping habits with their menstrual cycle! Give us some credit!

By now you might guess that this generalised shopaholic label gets us pretty hot under the collar and it’s mainly because the women we’ve spoken to in connection with launching Snap Fashion, a tool to help women find clothes they love suitable for their budget, do not fit this stereotype.

We think that women are getting savvier in their shopping habits, balancing fast fashion with investment pieces and shopping around for the best prices and vouchers online.

So *drumroll* just wait till you can use our body shape technology to help you find super flattering outfits and our visual search tool so you steal your favourite star’s style using a photo to search for fashion items that suit your budget.

Watch this space or find out more at our website: and tell us if you think you’re a member of this ‘spoilt generation’.

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