Fashion’s obsession with arty optical illusions

Optical Illusions are having (another) fashion moment. Stella McCartney’s ‘Illusion’ dress has been a huge hit with celebrities and spawned a hundred high street copy-cat designs, that enhance women’s curves in the most flattering way.

Penelope Cruz wears McCartney Illusion in a more unusual blue

Reminds us of...


Alexander McQueen has previously played with optical illusion dresses back in 2009, producing the hypnotic moiré-print dress. Herve Leger also went optical trickery crazy at around the same time with a super flattering banded body-con dress (of course).

I LOVE this McQueen dress on Victoria Beckham - genius.

Get waisted with Herve Leger's banded dress

Now it seems that beauty is getting in on the Op-Art action. This Optical Bronzer by Mac includes blush too and promises a super flattering shade for most skin tones…and it’s pretty! We’re keen to give it a go for £34.95, especially as it reminds us of super Brit artist Bridget Riley’s work which is a tad pricier.

Was Bridget Riley Mac's inspiration?

I always feel guilty about using such beautiful cosmetics!

If Mac could re-create this Riley for us as another blush that would be great, thanks x

Do you want to see more of this Op Art trend in beauty and on the catwalk or is it just us?


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