What’s your shopping style?

How many articles have been written about women who love shoes/spend all their salary on designer goods/can’t say no to fast fashion/are handbag hoarders?

The Daily Mail seems to be obsessed with women’s shopping and spending habits of late and now it reports that Karen Pine, author of Sheconomics (women + money) says shopping is an emotional outlet for women.

Apparently 80% of women fess up to hitting the shops to make themselves feel better, while other women use money as a security blanket- saving every scrap of disposable income, and are dubbed saveorexics.

Pine reportedly reckons that women are more risk-averse and less financially savvy than men (really?) and importantly are more emotionally involved with their money.

The article cited examples of ‘fantasy savers’ who spend well above their means to buy designer goods as they are locked in a ‘cycle of competition’ with others as to who has the best clothes.

Fear also apparently plays a part in women’s relationship with their savings. Maybe this is because the importance of being financially independent has been drummed into generations of girls. So-called ‘saveorexics’ keep a grasp on every penny they earn, shunning fashion treats.

Interestingly, while women are often labelled as impulse shoppers, a TNS poll found that men are more likely to blow a cash windfall on treats, while women will probably squirrel the money away.

It got us thinking about how different women shop. Personally I love browsing through ‘edits’ online where all the best pieces are grouped together and I’m a big planner – saving up for some ‘investment’ items I plan to keep until they fall apart, as well as searching for trend-sensitive fast fashion pieces to make old favourites more current.

You know how we hate the shopaholic label and think women are far savvier shoppers than clichés suggest – . Here are a few suggestions of new ‘labels’ – are any of them you?!

Salary splurger – The one who goes crazy on pay day.

Red-hot researcher – The one who pores over blogs and reads every magazine – she’ll know every trend and be able to spot amazing look-a-like designer items on the high street. Shopping is as much about the chase and knowledge as it is about buying stuff!

Saveorexic – She’s obsessed with saving every penny for a rainy day and eschewing fashion treats. (Check wardrobe for holey clothes decades old – and we don’t mean vintage!)

Fast-fashion freak – She never spends more than £30 on an item of clothing and shops by the latest trends. It’s all about the quantity, not quality!

Bargain hunter – Will only buy stuff that has a reduced label – whether she wanted it in the first place or not!

Emotional spender – She goes shopping when really happy or really sad and spends a LOT of money

Designer junkee – Labels only – no matter what the cost!

The up-shopper – The one who adds cheap accessories to their shopping basket…and the bill mounts up.

Impulse queen – Her wardrobe is full of clothes with the labels still on as she’s randomly picked clothing without thinking about how it fits in her current wardrobe.

Trend magpie – Her wardobe bulges with every fad going regardless of whether it suits her personality and body shape.

We’re launching our visual search and bodyshape tools soon to help, but why not tell us how you like to shop?


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