Dead ring-er for YSL ring

We’ve been obsessed with the YSL ‘arty’ rings for ages now (although they are pretty chunky and look silly on me!). Of course there are some rip-offs but I spotted this little (or rather large) gem in New Look for £5.99 and thought it had a YSL look about it, without being a complete copy.

Oh how I love this ring!

New Look's £5.99 offering

A selection of some beautiful Arty rings


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2 responses to “Dead ring-er for YSL ring”

  1. T-a-d-a-n-a says :

    Really like your ring selection
    you should try looking at asos marketplace they have so many great vintage type rings like the ones you have here 🙂 featured some on my blog if you’d like to have a look 🙂 xxxx

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