Now Karl Lagerfeld does a cosmetics line for Sephora

Karl Lagerfeld is a busy man of late. There’s Chanel of course but also his fashion collection: ‘K Karl Lagerfeld’ (natch), perfume
called Karleidoscope, an affordable fashion collection to be launched soon and now a cosmetics line for Sephora.

The cosmetics are very Karl- with lots of black and gold as very as design-heavy cases and his face everywhere! I love Chanel and Karl’s work there, but I’m not sure I could be swayed away from fashion-conscious high-end cosmetics brands like Mac for example just because the product is Karl-branded and Karl-shaped in some cases. What do you think?

The mini collection hits Sephora shops (annoying not in the UK anymore – WHY?!) on 6 November in Europe and Singapore, apparently. It will be interesting to see the quality and how much it costs.

Our favourite - mini Karl-shaped eyeshadow collection

We love pretty make-up cases - would you choose this Karl one?

Black and gold nail varnish - oh so Lagerfeld

Source: Fashionista.


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2 responses to “Now Karl Lagerfeld does a cosmetics line for Sephora”

  1. Persephone Deacon says :

    I love Karl Lagerfeld and I am sooooo going out and buying his eyeshadow! I love this blog, you should check out my blog at:
    Once again, I really like you blog. Thanks!

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