Ski bunny alert! Ashish for Topshop lands soon

We’re used to seeing Ashish’s collections encrusted with bright sequins but thankfully the Indian-born designer has based his 9 piece collection for Topshop on leopard print and slogan jumpers instead…so you won’t leave a trail of sequins behind you on the piste.

“I love leopard print and I thought it would be really fun to do matchy-matchy leopard print ski-pants and puffer jackets and backpacks. I wanted it to be fun but also functional,” he reportedly said.

Apparently the collection, which costs between £40 and £200 doesn’t just look good but is actually useful for skiing! It is however only available in 3 London Stores (Selfridges, Brompton Rd and Oxford Circus) and New York from 10 November.

Ashish 4 Topshop ski jacket for Topshop £200?

Matching salopettes for £100...would you dare?!

Might need this ski sweater in my life! £55

Decisions, decisions! Another gem for £55

Yay! Hoodie for grown-ups! £60

Source: The Telegraph.


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