Discovery Monday: Color.Bug temporary hair shadow

We’re not a beauty blog but the trend for neon hair and clothing has been so strong of late (check out Christopher Kane’s denim line for J-Brand) that we couldn’t ignore this hair product.

We’ve already waxed lyrical about the celeb’s love of dip-dyed and pastel-coloured hair – Fearne Cotton, Katy Perry and lots more celebs are fans of pink hair and this trend seems set to stick through next Spring too.

While  Bleach hairdressers is doing  a roaring trade in dip dyes etc, it seems there is demand for a more temporary look and Australian celeb hairdresser Kevin Murphy has just launched the Color.Bug for weekend colour craziness without the commitment.

The best bit is, that the hair shadow is applied to dry hair (just rub with a product- wax, serum or texture spray) so it sticks then use hairspray to hold it in place. Voila- pink hair. Apparently different effects can be achieved by using different products and a hairdryer after application – for a less neon finish.

While this looks great for parties, we’re not completely sold on the seemingly dry texture and aren’t convinced the colour wouldn’t rub off onto clothes. But it does look like fun. What do you think?

Behold the Color.Bug!

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