Debenhams sales hint at body shape and size map of Britain – maybe!

We’re big believers in dressing for your body shape (and have even developed a phone app to help people pick clothes to suit their shape…launching soon) and this ‘research’ from Debenhams has got us thinking!

We love Debenhams and now the department store has analysed the sales of underwear across Britain to shed some light on common body shapes and sizes in different parts of the country.

Now- this isn’t an exact science so can probably be taken with a pinch of salt, but will get people talking about shape non-the-less…

Based on the sales of its undergarments, Debenhams discovered that Birmingham has the highest proportion of size 10 women, while Belfast has the highest number of women who are a size 8 or smaller. It also found that Glasgow, Aberdeen and Sheffield have the highest proportion of size 16 women.

(Not that it matters about size in our book!)

More interestingly, Debenhams said that London girls are most likely to be an hourglass shape, while girls from the North East are most likely to have slender legs (so will mostly be Apple shaped or possibly inverted-triangle shaped like Geordie girl Cheryl Cole).

The shop has guessed that women in Liverpool and Leeds are the curviest as they buy the largest number of DD+ size bras. Sales of bodyshaping underwear were highest in Sheffield, while the most push-up bras were sold in Preston and Redditch. Make of that what you will.

Debenhams’ Head of Lingerie, Sharon Webb, told The Daily Mail: “Our sales suggest that Brummies have the highest concentration of ‘perfect ten’ women, while other parts of the UK have to work hard to get the ideal figure. It’s fascinating to see how women shape up around the UK.”

While we’re not sure we agree about the ‘perfect’ 10, and this is only sales from one store, it does make for interesting reading, possibly sparking lively debate (most DM readers do NOT seem to agree with the findings!)


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