Charlotte Olympia cat shoes = perfect for Alexa, Katy + SJP

Ballet pumps are playing cat and mouse. Marc Jacobs has made the cutest mousey pumps on the block for a while, but now Charlotte Olympia has given us purfect kitty pumps and celebs are going crazy for them! (Celebrity catnip if you will.)

We could have predicted that Alexa Chung and Katy Perry would be fans and we love the look on Poppy Delevingne, but Sarah Jessica Parker getting on board with the kitty trend is a surprise.

Charlotte Olympia has created plenty of quirky shoe styles -we loved the fruity platforms and really want a pair of kitty pumps but at a hefty £485 we might have to settle for Topshop’s cat slippers instead! In fact with so many cheap and cheerful slipper-shaped shoes around, maybe we’ll have a DIY cat attempt!

Purfection: Charlotte Olympia cat shoes £485

Alexa's been spotted numerous times in her kitty pumps

Katy Perry - big cat fan!

Poppy Delevingne chooses red (ginger?) kitties

SJP proves cats can be casual

Not sooooo dissimilar?! £14 cat slippers from Topshop


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