Discovery Monday: Maje

Voila! Another chic French label to lust after (obviously alongside Chanel, Chloe, Isabel Marant, Celine, YSL et al). You might
have seen this label featured in fashion mags but I didn’t realise how incredible it is until I popped into Maje’s shop in Hampstead.

It combines those effortlessly chic French pieces with amazing quality wardrobe staples and directional look – think colourful Breton, sharp tailoring, cosy knits and sleek, simple silhouettes: formidable!

The look isn’t too pretty – think a cute peter-pan collar jumper with edgy leather skirt, or androgynous coast over skinny jeans and killer boots – but it is tres chic!

Here’s a few looks that caught my eye.

Love this simple shift with a masculine coat

Clean pieces with a shot of next Spring's must-have colour

A coat to die for

May fav jumper (€160) with a cute leather skirt

P.S. The website is fantastic and lets you shop whole outfits (if your budget will stretch) and it’s a great place to find some fashion inspiration…it also refreshes your school French! Encore en fois…


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