What are your little luxuries?

Sales of luxury goods have rocketed despite the dodgy economic climate, but luxuries don’t have to be super expensive.

There’s a lovely article in The Telegraph that highlights ‘small and precious things’ as luxuries – from stripy socks and a tray of flapjacks, to a crisp t-shirt or glamorous silk scarf.

Here’s my favourite part of the article: In sartorial terms, luxury doesn’t necessarily denote diamonds and pearls; instead, as Coco Chanel observed, it has more to do with what makes us comfortable (clean sheets, an early night, a freshly ironed blouse, the feel of something soft against the skin). ‘Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty,’ said Chanel, who knew what it was to grow up impoverished. ‘It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”

Of course spending a little alone time, a long hot bath or incredible pudding might be considered luxuries- for us at least, but it got us thinking about our fashion luxuries.

My top 3 fashion luxuries are:

  • Over-worn band t-shirts; 100% cotton they get better with age, although I have paid over-the-odds for a couple. I wear at least one a week – the most comfortable way of doing casual, it also says something about my personality – win!
  • My Mulberry Mini Mabel in scarlet never fails to lift my mood and my outfit…but do I need such an extravagant bag? No, but I do use it a lot and it holds everything.
  • A heavily beaded silk mini dress (I haven’t worn it yet but am waiting for the right moment).  It’s for a special occasion and so far I have only gazed at it lovingly, but the craftsmanship is stunning and I’ll keep it forever –  it wasn’t even expensive.

I could go on- nice perfume and anything with cashmere is a luxury right? But I’d rather hear about yours!


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