Versace for H&M: ‘Real women’ controversy rumours

If you read our blog regularly (and you really should!) you’ll know that we’re developing technology to help women dress for their body shape and feel fantastic, so naturally we’re a tad disappointed when designers are against using ‘real women’ to model their clothes – after all, it’s ‘real women’ that buy them!

Rant over, New York Daily News [via The Daily Mail] has reported that Donatella Versace cancelled a shoot for her Versace for H&M collection (landing tomorrow) as the normal sized women lined up for the shoot did not fit her branding.

While it might be easy to go a little crazy over this, we wouldn’t rule out there being more to the story than size issues as shoots are shelved all the time.

The story goes that the designer didn’t approve two of the normal ‘models’ (US size zero to six so by no means big!) for the collection and an H&M PR had warned the newspaper that a ‘real woman’ shoot would probably not go-ahead.

If this is true, it would seem to be a bit of a mis-match as the whole aim of H&M’s designer collaborations is to make high fashion available to all and like any high street shops that means in a variety of sizes.

With rumours that Tom Ford is on the cards for an H&M collaboration, hopefully we’ll see more designers using ‘real women’ as models in the future.


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