Very goes to the USA (and so does Fearne Cotton!)

The US is getting pretty excited that internet clothing site Very is launching stateside, (much like we got excited about Fearne Cotton’s new Blondie-inspired party wear)!

Nylon is super hyping the brand comparing the ‘British invasion’ of Very to that of the Beatles. Other exports it waxes lyrical about are: Kate Moss, The Stones, The Clash, Simon Cowell (yup), Emma Watson, Robert Pattinson and Alexa Chung…as well as the swinging sixties itself.

And here’s what the US teen bible has to say about Fearne Cotton: “Nestled among the thousands of outfits is a capsule collection by Fearne Cotton, a British TV presenter who’s like a weird hybrid between Gwen Stefani and Luna Lovegood.” Love it!

The question is, will Fearne join the stylish Brits worshiped stateside?

Here’s the rest of the Nylon editorial:

“Cotton’s current heap of items are very Carnaby Street, circa the Help! album. There are tons of graphic mini-dresses, tweed capes with nearly obscene hemlines, sweeps of chiffon, and little heeled booties. There’s also Cotton herself, posing in velcro-curled blonde bedhead with vinyl-colored cat eyes.

“We’re sort of in love with the entire clump of clothes on the site, and since they’re all – all! – under $120, we might be able to buy a few pieces without worrying about a trend overload. On that note, to avoid looking like a Hard Day’s Night costume assignment, you might want to pair these clothes with a modern topknot or ponytail and Doc Martens… You can also just break out the white eyeliner and Kinks records and go with it, as long as you promise not to start saying slang words like “bird” and “bloke” and “minger.” (“Fetch,” it goes without saying, is also completely off limits.)”

We love you Fearne, and Nylon!


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