Versace for H&M: launch day chaos!

We knew it was going to be crazy and we weren’t wrong! Personally I love pretty minimalist styles with the occasional colour pop or print but was a little seduced by the Versace for H&M glamour – and the quality of the products.

I really wanted the studded plain-ish black silk t-shirt and pleated skirt – also silk. Both cost just £40, which I think is great value.

But with half an hour to go until internet kick-off, the website was down or incredibly busy. I finally got in at around 5 past nine, got the t-shirt in the shopping basket *squee*, put in my deats and then there was a technical error – so annoying!  However, I have just managed to check-out (perseverance pays off at last) and have even bagged a Christmas present.

Judging by Twitter a lot of people had similar experiences, which was a bit of a shame but apparently Oxford St and Regent St were just as crazy! There were police watching the queues on Regent Street and someone humorously tweeted: “Omg did you see how the men ran to and destroyed the whole of the Versace men’s collection in Westfield H&M?”

Here are some action pictures posted on Twitter at the time!

Did you get lucky – what did you buy?!

A big Verscae fan's swag!

Regent St queues

Donatella on a pink carpet - natch

But is you did miss out we’re sure some items will appear on eBay. I’ve just checked and there aren’t any yet…but I did spot this incredible green skirt and was pretty tempted!

Versace pleated skirt £69.99 atm


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