Space + Fashion = stellar style

We’ve lost count of the number of D&G-inspired starry items of clothing we’ve spotted this season and in search of something a little different we’re thinking of late 2009/10 when galactic prints were massive news.

I have spent most of this week lusting over Peter Pilotto space-inspired bags on eBay and Christopher Kane’s Galaxy collection after seeing the designer a couple of weeks ago. His Galaxy designs would look completely fresh on any catwalk today and I still adore it, which made me think that some pieces are for keeps and are so spectacular that they fit in with any current trend -stars and leather for this season, for example?

Here’s a few galactic treats. Which looks are style staples whatever the time for you?

Christopher Kane t-shirt lust

Star-forming region lh 95 in the large magellanic cloud (obviously) taken by the Hubble telescope

Still on trend! Leather plus stars!

Hubble Captures View of 'Mystic Mountain'

More Christopher Kane (2 years on I still want it all!)

More affordable galaxy pink leggings by BlackMilk

I so regret not buying these incredible Vans!

Peter Pilotto dress based on the cartwheel galaxy

Superstar designs on a budget: Peter Pilotto for Kipling

And finally...Setareh Mohtarez's Brightness Dawn Collection 2009

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7 responses to “Space + Fashion = stellar style”

  1. Rebecca Searston says :

    hey :):)

    i have been looking everywhere. but i cant find them and i really really want a pair! your probably thinking of what. the pink galaxy vans that you have on your page that you said i really wish i bought a pair of these. i really want a pair but dont know where to find them 😦 can you pleaseeee help me!!!

    thankyou so much i really appreciate it :):):)


    • snapfashion says :

      Hi Bec,
      Oh no! I still want a pair too! They were limited edition and I haven’t found anywhere that stocks them. I check for them on eBay now-and-again but don’t want used sweaty trainers – only new ones!

      Hope you find them and if we spot anything similar we’ll let you know x

      • Rebecca Searston says :

        where did you originally see them!!! i want them so badly 🙂 there bloody amazing. are they by christopher kane aswell!! or someone else. there so great!!!!!

      • snapfashion says :

        They’re by Vans. I saw the black version in a skate shop in London then spotted the purple ones online in a photo gallery. Will keep checking eBay!

    • Alex says :

      Hello Rebecca,

      You can get custom galaxified sneakers and wedges through Kustom Kix. They paint everything by hand, check out more of their work here –


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