Swishing parties go online

When the recession first hit, it was hard to find a magazine that did not suggest cutting down on take-away coffees and hosting a swishing party (where you swap clothes with friends) to save money. And seeing as everyone is still strapped for cash it’s still a big trend.

ClosetSwap.co.uk lets friends swap clothes with its 4-step process. Once signed up, you gather the clothes that you don’t want anymore, upload them into your online ‘closet’, then add friends. The idea is that they do the same and you can therefore borrow, lend and swap clothes with each other – that’s the 4th step!

There is an app ‘coming soon’ and geo-location features to find local shops and organise a fashion/swishing party.

With the recession technically over but the economy remaining in dire straits (although you wouldn’t know it to look at Versace for H&M hauls!) it seems that clothes swap parties will continue being popular and this app seems a pretty good idea!

Images from the site - would you try it?


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