Seasonally-challenged clothing!

Ok, this is a bug-bear of mine. Clothing that is not fit-for purpose and just a little silly for winter.

It’s hard to dress for winter in Britain, when it’s cold outside, always threatening to rain but warm in shops and boiling on the tube. I have nothing against a bit of novelty but I am continually baffled but warm clothes that keep parts of your body toasty and others completely exposed.

Now we love shorts and woolley tights but definitely for milder winter days. So we’re impressed that The Saturdays’ Mollie King managed to wear super short shorts with no tights, a low vest top and cosy coat.

Top marks for bravery!

So in no particular order, here are items of clothing that I think are seasonally-challenged. Please let me know if I’m missing out on something wonderful…or add some more.

Sleeveless fleeces/padded gilets, boots with peep-toes, fingerless mittens (for anything other than typing in a cold office), heavy woollen miniskirts, sleeveless capes and rain macs, woolly head bands, woollen t-shirts…what?!

I don't get it!


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