Made in Chelsea: How to get that new Sloane style

Another season for Made in Chelsea is behind us but Chloe Green has said series 3 is in the pipeline, which is great news for gossip-loving fashionistas.

Having been slightly sceptical of yet another hyper-reality TV show, I have become entertained by the frightfully incestuous plotline, ‘totes ‘maze’ vocabulary and most importantly, fashion, making the show the Gossip Girl of the Kings Road.

So how to emulate the MIC girls’ style? A sizeable budget helps but there seem to be certain style rules.

Here come the girls

For formalwear: an elaborate dressing up box is essential and party dresses should usually be in a nude or blush tone, but feathers, sequins and gentle metallics are all encouraged and should be teamed with sky-high heels. A vexed or aloof expression when fending off potential suitors or giving girl evils is a good accessory as well as a neutral clutch bag.

Obsession with nude tones

Pearls, ‘bling’ detailing including studs and sequins and shots of faux fur are good for day-wear too and a classic Chanel bag should never be far from your side- or an IT tote.

Louise Thompson rocks faux fur + sequins in the day - p.s. her top is from New Look!

Hanging out with the girls in a casual way, usually sipping lunchtime cocktails, shopping trips to Bluebird or making an enormous salad for  two people that never gets eaten, should only be attempted in skin-tight jeans and usually a voluminous patterned scarf (be careful when ‘cooking’.)

Millie, Caggie + Rosie do casual in leather, chunky knits and skinny jeans

Printed shirts tucked into jeans with a low neckline, (check out Millie’s wardobe below) boho-inspired tops if you’re Caggie and a white sundress with nude heels Kate Middleton style are essentials. A neat leather jacket or a tailored blazer always works. Union-jack bags and clothing should only be attempted by mavericks.

The white dress Caggie-style

And Millie-style!

Amber Atherton. The most prim and proper...and always in print!

Do not forget your pale pink lipstick, slightly smoky eyeliner and bare lids and SUBTLE but ever-present tan. A smartphone should be constantly bleeping to provide you with social dilemmas, fabulous party invites and boy drama. Check out this great make-up tutorial by YouTube’s pixi2woo/Tanya Burr and Millie herself!

Pics from: Grazia, The DM, YouTube and Channel 4.


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