Stella McCartney supports Age UK’s Donate a Coat campaign

We’re not sure about you but we have a couple of really good quality coats languishing in our wardrobes. One of mine is a tan suede long coat that is too warm to wear for me in most usual winter circumstances and the other, a wool funnel-collared number is lovely, but due to fickle fashion is out of date, but is warm and pretty stylish.

So I was so happy to hear about Age UK’s Donate a Coat campaign so my much-loved coats can find a deserving new home (and de-clutter my wardrobe too).

In a horrifying statistic from the charity, around 200 old people die each winter from being too cold,The Telegraph reported. Surprisingly the UK apparently has a higher number of ‘excess winter deaths’ that properly cold countries in Scandinavia.

The charity campaign is backed by Helen Mirren, Elle Macpherson and Stella McCartney, encouraging us coat-hoarders to drop a (good quality!) coat into one of Age UK’s 450 charity shops across the country to keep an OAP cosy.

“It’s shocking that so many people are suffering and dying needlessly in winter due to the cold. Donating a coat you don’t wear anymore, or even one you love, to Age UK is easy and will make space for that new one you’ve just spotted,” Elle Macpherson reportedly said.

Visit for more information.


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