Style Crush: Anita Pallenberg

Does anyone else put a whole pile of books on their Christmas wish-list only to get side-tracked by new titles throughout the year? It’s November and I’ve finally got round to munching through last Christmas’ titles including Life by Keith Richards.

I’m a huge Rolling Stones fan so heaven knows why it’s taken me so long to read Keith’s autobiography but it is excellent and so for a bonus weekend style crush, here are some pictures of Anita Pallenberg, actress, model and Keith’s once partner. Anita would be on-trend with her 1970s outfits today- note the amazing fur (faux we hope :S) floppy hat and feathery combos.

Amazing furry look retro style!

Anita + Keith

Love this gilet look

Vintage motorcycle makes a great accessory


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One response to “Style Crush: Anita Pallenberg”

  1. Nini Bloom says :

    the last photo is actually a picture of marianne faithfull

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