Alexa Chung + Kate Moss head-up best dressed celebs: Christmas markets edition

It’s that time of year when Londoners either do battle on Oxford St losing all their holiday cheer, or flock to Christmas markets to stock up on mulled wine, strange wooden toys and chutney…why is there always chutney?

We’re not sure what Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof, Kate Moss and Sadie Frost bought when they attended a market in Primrose Hill this weekend, but their outfits certainly give us some inspiration of what to wear at an outdoor Christmas gathering (obviously sunglasses) – oh the sartorial dilemmas we do face in his day and age 😉

P.S. the answer seems to be skinny jeans, comfy shoes (Ugg boots now seemingly acceptable again), funky scarf, faux fur, kooky glasses and no-effort hair. We thank you planet celeb.

Alexa rocks some kooky glasses

Alexa, Nick Grimshaw + Pixie Geldof brave the Christmas crowds

Kate Moss' chic all-black outfit with faux-fur bits

Sadie Frost's cute 60s-style faux fur coat is a winner

All pics: the Daily Mail.


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