Discovery Monday: Mulberry – the factory outlet

Yeah, we know you know all about Mulberry and its beautiful bags (here’s wishing for a Carter!) but what you might not know about is Mulberry’s fabulous base and outlet in Somerset.

Before re-locating to TechCity, Snap Fashion was based in Jenny (our CTO)’s flat in Wells, Somerset…conveniently round the corner from Mulberry, so we used to pop in and oggle the handbags pretty regularly. We went back on a fashion pilgrimage to Kilver Court, Mulberry and the ‘Designer Emporium’ which had Toast, Aubin & Wills and lots of cashmere! We did have to pay £3 to go in and rummage but there were undoubtedly bargains and you could spend a whole afternoon there!

We were there principally for Mulberry and there were some bargains – around 50% off recent bag styles as well as clothing – but you still need around £200 plus to spend, which is fair enough seeing as the bags are brilliantly made. The bonus feature is the incredible gardens at the back of the Mulberry factory (and we’re told the cafe is good) so even though we left empty handed it was a good trip. Here are a few pics to whet your appetite…

Amazing pink + zebra print bags from last summer - but still fabulous

The one our CTO fell for!

The super cute one I couldn't quite justify!

The secret garden


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