Florence Welch vs Olivia Wilde: Battle of the vintage coats

News flash! It’s cold outside. We’re so used to seeing scantily-clad celebs running from taxis to parties dressed in nothing but a Herve Leger bandage dress…but this weekend we’ve spotted Kate Moss + Alexa wrapped up warm and now the return of some serious statement coats!

Florence Welch has joined the 1970s floppy hat brigade and matching Mulberry burgundy bag. But the main focus of her outfit has to be the long, elegant vintage navy coat over an equally vintage looking paisley-ish patterned dress.

The look is definitely unique to Florence but we love the Mary Poppins-style velvet detailing on the coat and Florence pulls it off fabulously well.

We were also thrilled to see that Olivia Wilde has joined Team Cape. Olivia’s is a 1960s-look number tat complements her retro hairstyle and winged eyeliner. She completes the look with vintage-appropriate Chelsea boots and a chic Gucci handbag.

Both girls prove wrapping up can be deliciously chic but which is your favourite look?

Olivia Wilde is cape-tastic

Florence's navy glam look


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One response to “Florence Welch vs Olivia Wilde: Battle of the vintage coats”

  1. thebigbookofdating says :

    Awesome post, I love the last outfit

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