Vogue Archive : 120 years of fashion online

There is no better time to be a young fashion designer or fashion student as this week alone Valentino has opened a 3D virtual online museum and now Vogue has unveiled an impressive archive of past covers, editorials and advertisements dating back to 1892.

Amazingly Conde Nast has been beavering away on the secret project for two years (imagine all the scanning!) and the indexed and searchable archive boasts over 425,000 images, 300,000 adverts and 100,000 articles from American Vogue, according to The WSJ.

Sounds amazing right? There’s a catch. An annual subscription will set you back  a whopping $1,575…but it will be an invaluable resource- a social history of fashion and trends- for designers, directors and design professionals.

According to The WSJ, you can get really involved in a single magazine article, analysing data and putting together graphs to track a designer’s key moments or the rise and fall of a particular trend.

Apparently Vogue is planning on rolling out a mini version for regular magazine subscribers next year (yay!) To celebrate…


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