No more muffin top tights!

So there’s some new ‘shape wear’ in town and this time it’s for targeting the dreaded muffin top a.k.a. slightly chubby-side-tummy!

Now we’re divided here- we don’t think girls should be under pressure to have the ‘perfect’ figure and in super blog Refinery 29’s words ‘feel like a Spanx-y stuffed sausage’ but then again shape wear can make people feel more confident – so whatever works for the individual!

Anyway, apparently the patented-anti-muffin-technology works…WOW! The idea is that the super over/underwear helps clothes lie flatter and better…but so far they’re only available Stateside for $14.99 from Milk & Honey and only come in one size.

The case overfloweth

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