Coat Snap! Natalie Portman, Emma Watson + Kristen Stewart

Every year fashion magazines declare the winter season requires a statement coat and this year luxe parkas were one such suggestion.

They certainly seem to have been a hit in celeb-land and one coat in particular. Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman and Emma Watson have all been spotted in a Denim & Supply ‘chino cotton field jacket’.

The brand is new (and part of Ralph Lauren) and is not completely unaffordable. You can jump on the celeb bandwagon for £220 and the best thing is that regardless of the ‘statement’ coat du jour, parkas are always in fashion. If you’re not totally convinced check out the celebs loving Barbour quilted and waxed jackets!

Kristen looks stylish in casual clothes as usual

Natalie Portman looks cute (minus the trainers!)

Emma was seen in the coat first when she started at Oxford uni

Pics: The Daily Mail.


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One response to “Coat Snap! Natalie Portman, Emma Watson + Kristen Stewart”

  1. kristen stewart says :

    It’s funny to see different celebs wearing the same thing in their day to day lives. I’m guessing the hood is removable, as Kristen is missing one (or hiding it well). Either way, I love it!

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