Discovery Monday: Christmas craft fairs + The Floor Project

While we were shopping up a storm at Kingston-upon-Thames’ craft market, there was plenty of crafty mud-slinging going on in the press about the joy or disappointment of homemade Christmas gifts.

It was sparked by Twitter comments made about Kirstie Alsopp’s Homemade Christmas programme. The show featured some admittedly slightly dodgy handmade items (and a rather nauseating kids party) but it’s the thought that counts gift-wise– right? – and it’s nice to get something unique for Christmas.

So while we’re not about to whip up our own snow domes or attempt a woollen jumper (believe us – no-one would want them- although our CTO is handy in the kitchen) we like supporting crafty people, especially fledgling fashion designers. Plus the craft fair Christmas shopping experience is more pleasant than running the shopping gauntlet in Westfield!

Were huge fans of Folksy (the British version of Etsy) and I visited professional print designer, Folksy dealer and friend Chloe Taylor’s stand at my local Christmas market. Great Christmas gifts guaranteed! (pics below)

But as well as Folksie we have also just discovered The Shop Floor Project, which offers an array of textiles, scarves, t-shirts and home stuff (favoured by Vogue) made by designers and artists. Some items are obviously pricey but others are surprisingly affordable – yay!

P.S. There is also free postage for items from The Shop Floor Project until 12 December.

Chloe's stall - so many pretty things - an alternative to Matthew Williamson!

My new Oyster card holder! By Chloe

We love stalls with shiny things!

Feather Lariat earrings £65 by Emma Carroll from The Shop Floor Project


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