‘Nontrepreneurs’ of Tech City: A Response

Hi everyone,

Jenny here again. Snap’s has some good news coming up, but in this week’s post I thought I’d focus some negative press that has been surrounding Tech City recently.

Concerns have been raised that the Tech City scheme is wasting money. Working in Tech City it’s obvious to see that the area is receiving significant investment from the Government. There are some brilliant events being run in Tech City, by both UKTI and other organisations, and this network is bringing people together and helping start-ups share knowledge and experience. I wouldn’t say this was a waste of money, but a necessary cash injection to make the Tech City initiative work.

Indeed, it is a little disheartening to read an article about “media 2.0sluts” and “nontrepreneurs and poseurs, attempting to start what serious investors now refer to as ‘leisure startups’,” as all the people we have met in Tech City are passionate about their start-up businesses and dedicated to being part of a new wave of tech companies in London, regardless of their political views.  I’d  rather concentrate on the positives of the Tech City initiative and have no doubt some incredibly successful companies will  be born from the initiative.

The article questioned the value of start-up firms spending time Tweeting and taking time out of the day to attend networking events. While people might feel differently, I believe that this communication is essential. Without it, how will Snap Fashion get its message across when it launches? I  also believe that as a customer-facing business it is important to  have an open dialogue with our retail affiliates and future app users, and Twitter is an invaluable resource for doing just that .

I would agree to a certain extent that there can be an air of “trying to find the next Zuckerberg” in Tech City (if you’re male and under 25 you’re in with a chance), but there are so many other people out there not looking for fame and riches, but to change the tech scene and the way that things work today.

What’s Snap Fashion’s motivation? To make searching the Internet easier. With more and more products being available online daily, we’re definitely due an update to the way that we search for things on the move. I just hope that in the process we can convince people that we’re not in it for fame, glory or to make a quick buck, and show that the majority of Tech City companies share the same values as us.


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