Day2Night shoe boasts adjustable heel

Tis the season to be jolly and have one too many of the office party and that’s where these Day2Night heels apparently come into play.

The idea of the shoes is that you can change the heel height – so a comfortable 1.5 inches for the office to 3.5 inches for after work drinks. We were/are kind of sceptical that you can alter a shoe’s construction so easily but apparently the sole is flexible.

The shoe with the changing heels

The heels

We like innovative ideas and these shoes could be a cunning plan (if you’re like us and always have a spare pair of shoes in our bag) and were apparently conceived after inventor Candice Cabe realised how many different pairs of similar shoes she packed for business trips!

But they are priced at $300 and are currently on offer for $150…so the argument that by investing in a pair of Day2Night shoes means you can place several pairs of shoes falls a little flat for us…and we like different quirky styles. Plus, well, you have to carry around a box of heels!

It’s a really interesting idea. What do you think?


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