Elle Fanning wears Rodarte Couture

Elle Fanning has out a unique spin on Rodarte Couture in a shoot for A Magazine. The actress models the floaty pastel confections teamed with grungy band t-shirts and sneakers. While we’re not 100% convinced by the look, it’s certainly a change from the endless glossy catwalk pics and makes for an intriguing editorial – we reckon it’s all to do with ‘high’ couture and extraordinary luxury juxtaposed with the ‘normal’ – deep. BTW we also really liked W Magazine recently with the Fanning sisters on the cover.

Specs appeal


Kinda reminds me of The Virgin Suicides photography

High fashion / hi-top mash-up

If you could wear couture to a music festival..

Super mash

Like this image + couture details

Golden girl

Pics via The Telegraph.


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One response to “Elle Fanning wears Rodarte Couture”

  1. Rachel Merrilee says :

    We love the Elle Fanning pages curated by Rodarte exciting to see our Mercura Eyewear featured in such artful images!

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