Discovery Monday: fashion as art

You don’t need to convince us that some items of clothing are works of art, or that fashion photographs can be as amazing as paintings, so we have a treble art-themed Discovery Monday for you today – seeing as it’s Christmas!

As we approach the New Year, thoughts turn to resolutions and for me, choosing a diary (5 of the best here). While I find it enough of a struggle to make a note of future appointments, let alone write down what has happened, some virtuous fashion lovers draw what they wore each day – amazing!

We’re in love with Eveline Tarunadjaja’s ‘The Illustrated Wardrobe’ but although it is inspiring, we probably won’t be dedicated enough to record our own daily fashion choices!

What Eveline wore on 29th August

We also stumbled across fashion-themed art for the home from Fashion Illustrated Gallery and have fallen in love with a couple of pictures.

Hiroshi Tanabe print £250 - love!

Bunny Girl! Great print by Tanya Ling for £300

Last but not least, you need to follow Friederich Herman’s incredible blog, Rockouture, where he illustrates fashion collections in his distinctive style. Adore.

Miu Miu's SS11 look on the Rockouture blog. Addicted.


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