Scarlett Johansson doesn’t do casual!

You know that ‘The One’ Dolce & Gabbana perfume advert that’s been on all Christmas? The one with Scarlett Johansson in lace claiming she’s not an actress etc?

Well as glam as she is in the advert, she is in real life…apparently! Scarlett told The Sunday Times’ Style magazine that she likes to be well dressed at all times…to avoid those sticky situations when you’re looking rough and you run into someone you want to impress- you know what I mean!

“I always like to put a little bit of make-up on. I’m not the kind of person that just slops around in sweatpants. I like to feel a little more together – you never know who you’re going to see out there!”

Perhaps unsurprisingly (seeing as she is the face of Dolce & Gabbana make-up) Scarlett said she always keeps a lipstick handy.

“My absolute must-have is a really rich and vibrant red lipstick. I always keep red lipstick in my bag because I never know when I might show up to an event and be completely under-dressed. I feel like red lipstick is the cure-all for everything.”

 You get the idea!

While I’ve never ventured to a supermarket in my pajamas, I have definitely been caught looking a bit rough in public before. Are you perfect like Scarlett? My new yrs res might just be to carry a lipstick at least.


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