Top 10 trends of 2011 : Part 2


While fashion folks might have used the term blocking before, this summer, everyone was going on about ‘colour blocking’ and we were all dressing in plain bright coloured clothes- with the more adventurous mixing lurid and clashing colours.


While plain and bright was the order of the day,thick colour-block horizontal stripes (particularly good on pencil skirts and silk t-shirts – thanks Prada!) were also big news, as well as polka-dots and clashing prints in vivid colours.

Stripy x Baroque sunnies!


A big debate has ranged about whether fashion people can call stuff ‘Navajo’ in a year where Vogue Italia put its foot in it big time over hoop earrings. Fashion/cultural terms aside, we liked Isabel Marant’s take on Navajo-inspired design, leather fringing and ponchos.


Louis Vuitton’s fetish collection inspired a whole lot of us relatively conservatively-dressed lot to embrace leather skirts and studded slippers (so I eschewed the corsets and PVC…not handy for work!) and for me, the collection, as well as the models dressed up in the look with balloon dogs, at Vuitton’s flagship London store for FNO, is one of the most memorable trends of 2011.

From our FNO night - great experience!


Without doubt one of the celebrity favourites and most ripped-off looks on the high street is Stella McCartney’s Illusion dress. This item alone will be remembered as part of the fashion fabric of the past year. Props to Stella for creating a super flattering modern classic.


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One response to “Top 10 trends of 2011 : Part 2”

  1. Steps to the Shop says :

    Ahhh, Prada, my love.

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