Top 5 Fashion Week moments of 2011

We’re weren’t a-bloggin’ this time last year so SS12 was our first official fashion week- and there was plenty of drama. Here are our top 5 fashion moments (we’ll be waxing lyrical about our favourite looks post NYE festivities!)

1-Florence Welch performs in a shell for Chanel

The clothes, celeb-packed frow, clam-shell clutches, giant shell and hottest musician Florence Welch, huge set…we just love Chanel!

2-Lyndey Wixon takes a tumble for Versace

Versace has had a big year and one of 2011’s best-known models, Lyndsey Wixon had a real catwalk moment after falling over in some extremely high underwater-themed Versace platforms. We love how she got up, smiled and punched the air.

We love Lyndsey!

3-Lana Del Ray x Christopher Kane

We are crazy for Lana Del Rey (her look and magical music) and we first heard it at Christopher Kane’s show, where the combination of clothes, super long runway and choice of track made for a memorable fashion moment.

4-Kate Moss rides Louis Vuitton’s merry-go-round

Impressive sets were the order of the day for some SS12 fashion shows (Chanel and Louis Vuitton did it best) and we loved Vuitton’s magical merry-go-round and Kate Moss was the icing on the cake.

Moss makes merry

5-The Balenciaga bench collapse

Maybe it’s my childish sense of humour but the Balenciaga bench collapse at PFW made me giggle. While the Art Deco-inspired collection was amazing, it was like an extra fashion show seeing what Anna Wintour et all were wearing.

Guaranteed standing ovation at Balenciaga (pic: FashionFoieGras)


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