Layering how-to

I will admit it – I’m a fashion blogger and have difficulty layering clothing; always envious of the models-off-duty who nonchalantly throw on a selection of clothes over one another and look fabulous.

It can be a struggle not to look like you’ve just raided your wardrobe and put everything on at once, so as a New Year’s resolution I plan on mastering the art of successful layering and lo…some inspiration!

After reading lots of tips, there seem to be some golden rules for us mere mortals who might worry that piling on clothes makes us look bulky (unlike the models!)

-Mixing texture and fabric is a recurring theme and this Spring print clashing is big news again.

-After careful investigation, I have found that layering a few casual items of clothing can be made to look more polished by adding heels, eye-catching jewellery or a metallic clutch to avoid the ‘thrown-anything-on’ look.

-Play with length, like wearing a fitted long-sleeved top or sweater under a short sleeved leather jacket. It’s amazing how many older items of clothing in your wardrobe can be reinvigorated by layering them up.

-Go sheer! This is my new favourite thing to get more wear out of evening items. Layer up an almost sheer, embellished top over a plain vest and wear with jeans for a casual look.

-Check out your over-all silhouette after a layering effort. Statement belts a brilliant way of changing the shape and look of a much-loved coat, while scarves are a great way to cheat at an extra layer!

Cute layering. Inspiration: StreetPeeper

Skirt layering (for the brave) by The Man Repeller

Cardigan transformed with a belt on StreetPeeper

Like a fashionable onion (lots of layers!) Inspiration: BecauseI'mAddicted

Model Gagy Odiele shows us how it's done! Inspiration from StreetPeeper


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