Grown-up playful fashion

Last year someone questioned whether I was too old to wear Vans or shop in the ‘Divided’ bit of H&M and I was shocked. Why shouldn’t a girl in her mid+ 20s wear sneakers, own a crocodile print skirt or the odd lairy/Christmas jumper?  Instead of reaching for the latest anti-aging cream, I choose to wear fun prints and this spring fashion is on my side … even Victoria Beckham is wearing a cat print dress!

Here are some grown-ups who embrace their inner child in a most fashionable way. I salute you (even if I am wearing graphic mittens).

Check out Celine Kaplan's bright Chanel bags - why do black?!

Natalie Joos' amazing starry necklace - makes any outfit playful

Lauren Laverne in cute Love Moschino 'faces' dress

Grown-up friendship bracelets feature metal + gems like Mary Kate Steinmiller's

Lauren Laverne in Preen with a Giles dinosaur - why not?!

LOVE a quirky animal necklace like Natalie Joos' vintage find

Mary Kate Steinmiller's beautiful collection of printed skirts - mix with white shirt + heels = super grown-up!

Images: From The Coveteur – Natalie Joos, Celine Kaplan + Mary Kate Steinmiller and The Guardian.


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