Dark + dangerous vs. wildly romantic: Couture Week

Paris Couture Week is traditionally a time for designers to show off some crazy creations and this year was no exception- although some designs were highly wearable and tied in with the mainstream catwalk trends – Chanel anyone?

However, we do love how different the shows can be- from elegant 1950s and sunshine yellows earlier this week to giant red dresses, romantic florals and 1920s references and super-scary fetishised, leather collections- all in the space of a few days. Which side are you on…dark and mysterious or breezy and romantic?


Just peachy: Elie Saab couture

Oscar's outfit tip!

White Valentino dresses with sheer and floral detailing. Heaven.

Reminds me of charming 1920s wallpaper (a good thing) and love the shape

Romance supersized at Giambattista Valli

Dark and dangeous at Givenchy (anyone else kinda reminded of Hannibal Lecter?!)


Scary piercings

Fetish-detail jewellery and zips

More naughty than nice? Leather and rubber a staple at Jean Paul Gaultier's show.

All pics: The Telegraph.

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