Would you wear a cape made by golden spiders?!

One half of Snap Fashion is terrified of spiders so I feel a responsibility to tell you all that this post does contain images of the mini beasts- but read on because it is interesting!

If you are a Londoner and pop into the wonderful V&A museum you can see a yellow dress made from the silk of over one million spiders – and not just any old arachnids either. Englishman Simon Peers collected silk from female Golden Orb Weaver spiders, founding in the mountains of Madagascar to weave his cape creation.

The cape apparently took four years to make and the amazingly on-trend yellow colour is natural – the colour of the silk itself, collected from the spiders, which measure about 2 inches in diameter. There are in fact more terrifying giant golden orb spiders (which can eat birds!!!!) but to our knowledge the less scary, smaller ones are the creative fashion-loving variety. Google the big ones at your peril…eew!

Spider Girl - more boho and trend-driven than Spider Man.

The process of making spider clothes is not new and Peers has apparently revived the process from more than a century ago. In fact it was reportedly a French bloke, Francois-Xavier Bon de Sain Hilaire (catchy name) who first worked out how to use the silk to make clothes way back in 1709. He apparently boiled cocoons to extract the silk threads to make gloves and socks for the French King, but sadly no old spider clothes have survived.

This new cape is covered in intricate embroidery including spider motifs- although we’re guessing that wouldn’t bother you if you were wearing a spider product to begin with! We might not be road testing this trend at home!

The golden orb spider



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