Topshop Unique: Walk like an Egyptian

Topshop Unique’s SS12 catwalk show was just that –unique. We don’t remember seeing any other collections so heavily influenced by ancient Egypt, Kaith Haring, 1990s gangata chic or Elizabeth Taylor…although it did tap into the larger sports luxe trend – one of the defining looks of this season.

I love the sports luxe look and it’s so consumer friendly – bright pieces, easy and flattering cuts which look so fresh for Spring but for those who like their looks more challenging and their prints more urban than Mary Katrantzou’s delicate digital florals for example, this is right up your street.

We note there is less gold in the high street drop than on the catwalk but here are our top 5 favourite pieces from the collection, which has just hit the shops. Where else could you get catwalk looks from just £50? Thank you Topshop!

Foil Cobra Skirt by Unique £60 - perfect for hourglass ladies

Reminds us of...

An easy way to get the look. Pixelated Cleopatra Sweat by Unique £50

The show

I adore these luxe joggers £90

Keith Haring - the marriage of heaven and hell 1984

Hieroglyphic Parachute Skirt by Unique £60 - perfect for pear shaped girls

Lean columns get sexy in the All Seeing Eye Maxi £110


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