NYFW: The 1990s are back (kinda) with Marc Jacobs

Once again, Marc Jacobs created another NYFW ‘moment’ but at this moment in time, apart from prolonging the rather tired 1990s grunge trend, we’re struggling how this one might translate to the high street as we can’t see the general public embracing giant furry hats.

Fashion writers have mulled over possible influences: The Cat in the Hat, buccaneers and pirates, Dionne from Clueless, Willy Wonka, Kurt Cobain, tramps, Jamiroquai and we can see them all – with a grungy edge.

There was also a flirtation with exaggerated retro shapes. Trying to strip away the more outlandish bits, pencil and lantern-shaped skirts in interesting textures were a recurrent theme as well as tricky cropped trousers and mid-length layers as well as grungy fur with the odd touch of pastel rave.

While I admire the creativity and Jacobs’ ability to be different, this show stuck out because it was more conceptual in a sea of ready-to-wear looks and *please don’t hate me* I prefer Marc Jacobs in his brighter and more easy-to-wear moments.

The skirt reminds me of the 1990s

Elle mag's mash-up

I do like the 90s furry coat

Dr Seuss much?

So many styles mixed into one chaotic look

Slightly Kurt Cobain?

Retro dress meets pirate boots and a huge furry hat!

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