LFW day 4: Blue Monday at Christopher Kane + Peter Pilotto

I will try not to gush. Christopher Kane and Peter Pilotto are two/three of my favourite designers and I am also a big fan of navy and blue clothing so this is soooo up my street!

Kane’s show had a hint of the City about it and the collection featured tough leather and pinstripe details as well as some incredible fabric – Kane’s ‘thing’  – which reminded us of wood or marble and there was even a cardi made of woven plastic.

I found this totally ‘wearable’ and would so many of these pieces in my wardrobe despite their edginess. I love the way Kane’s collections are so different from each other as well as his ability to design no-nonsense pieces for a tough girl, who can still embrace a few floral prints.

How much do I want this dress?

Chunky knits softened up the sharp tailoring

A strange type of sexy

And so on to the work of Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos. Unsurprisingly there were plenty of trademark digital prints with some of their distinctive stripes included. This collection also showed off the duo’s skill at cutting tailored, streamline pieces that everyone wants to wear.

If you look closely at the prints there are Japanese style trucks and opera masks as well as the obligatory florals. For me this was a kind of evolution of the pair’s phenomenal SS12 collection but leaner and meaner.

Perhaps this is why I’m such a fan of Kane and Peter Pilotto – they both make clothes that make girls feel powerful but are not overtly sexy or too frilly-feminine. Perfect!

Amazing prints as usual

Clever use of velvet makes this dress a little illusion-esque

A touch of the scuba theme of SS12?

A more feminine silhouette


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