LFW day 4/5: the future by Antonio Berardi, David Koma + more

With a penchant for new materials, Perspex and metallics over the past few seasons it was no surprise that some of our favourite designers look to the future with their collections.

Antonio Berardi created a real sense of futuristic drama with deep origami-like folds, silver, peplum shapes jutting out at the hips and seriously sharp tailoring. And check out the haircuts.

The future Berardi style

Future gets slinky

We hear that a number of fashion editors left ahead of the David Koma show (ouch) and there were mixed reviews about the usually edgy designer’s use of rainbow taffeta. I got a look at the collection up-close and the use of giant eyelets were interesting with the (dubious) taffeta, threaded through in some cases like giant shoe laces. There was also plenty of silver hardware (harking back to earlier arguably more ‘Koma’ collections and shards of Perspex, adding the future mixed with the 1960s look.

Very sixties future - note the peplum


Christopher Kane’s use of quirky fabric and boxy cut fits neatly into the futuristic box, as does Peter Pilotto’s streamlined silhouettes and spacey puffer jackets. And might we describe Fred Buttler as origami of the future?!

Futuristic fabric at Christopher Kane

Pilotto obsessed

Crazy origami at Fred Buttler

Gilets go space age!


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2 responses to “LFW day 4/5: the future by Antonio Berardi, David Koma + more”

  1. becca beedham says :

    Do you know where i can get the galaxy print vans from?! i have to have them they are amazing !!!!

    • snapfashion says :

      Hi Becca, thanks for reading 🙂
      The galaxy print Vans were special edition and I occasionally try and find them on eBay. Everyone loves them so Vans should really make them again! We’re going to do a blog post on DIY accessories so I might try and have a bash at some starry plimsols – instructions to follow if it works! Hope you find the Vans or something similar x
      P.S. thanks to Alex too – KustomKix sounds interesting 🙂

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