MFW: Dolce & Gabbana vs Versus

Both are behemoths of the Italian fashion and feature plenty of gold and winter florals – but in very different ways this MFW.

At Dolce & Gabbana every surface was encrusted with gold embroidery or beading decorating 19th century shapes – corsets, voluminous shorts and capes – yes they’re back! We spotted more pointy shoes, which are now definitely worth investing in.

Even socks were covered in ribbons and earrings replaces with massive bejewelled chandeliers, while floral tapestry-style dresses added to the Sicilian style. And of course there was velvet and gold more velvet and gold.

Over at Versus there was also gold but Christopher Kane style, which for AW12 is edgy and super sexy, with laces, slashes and rivets to flash some flesh. After floral and sporty looks of SS12, the winter Versus woman means business with slicked-back hair and lots of side lacing (a Versace thing). I personally lovre the leather and burgundy combos.

Which collection do you prefer?

Amazing black + gold creation

How I love this dress

More gold!

Ooh covetable coat!

All gold!

The regal runway

Floral slices

Floral shorts for winter

My fav floral piece

Gold Versus-style

Cute dress with sexy boots

Sheer perfection?

Clever cut-aways

Love the pocket detail

Leather and burgundy - a match made in heaven


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