Food shopping with Karl Lagerfeld

We LOVE a teaser but only if the result is worth waiting for. And it looks like French Elle magazine has got it right…we are excited! (Feeling teased yet?)

The reason for our excitement, readers, is that there is an editorial inside the magazine of Karl Lagerfeld in a rather unusual situation. The man himself took to Twitter to add to our anticipation, telling his followers that he is appearing “as you’ve never seen him.” (So he refers to himself in the third person eh?)

And nope- that’s not with a baguette and beret on a bicycle, riding a giant French poodle or shaking his famous hair loose (more’s the pity), but in a supermarket…*GASP!* Here’s a glimpse.

Which detergent will he choose to wash his Chanel?!

So it’s not a budget-busting shoot but an interesting location for a man who is not a renowned foodie (just ask Adele) and apparently said: “I do not need to go shopping because I never eat”.

The shoot features models Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Saskia de Brauw walking the isles (instead of the catwalk) with Lagerfeld, dressed in his ‘value’ Karl collection. Karl will also apparently appear in a car reading a sports newspaper and shopping for washing liquid.

He reportedly told the magazine: “It’s the first time I’ve stepped into a supermarket. It’s crazy – fascinating what one can buy. There’s enough here to easily gain 20 kilos.”

We’re not sure if he means gaining weight from eating lots of food, or going on a crazy shopping spree Supermarket Sweep style laiden with bags, whatever, we can’t wait to see the shoot.

However, I can’t help thinking they could have taken this concept further. I would love to see Karl’s fantasy shopping basket and thinking about it, what the controversially weight-conscious designer actually eats – he must do, right? I would love it if we spot a supermarket-inspired collection on the SS13 Chanel catwalk – food advertising printed skirts and foil tops perhaps? After all Karl did design a Coke bottle! Maybe not.

Quotes and pic from The Telegraph.


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