Crocs comeback? Neon-tastic

They are the shoes that Fashionistas love to hate. I have to say I am not the biggest fan of Crocs clogs but then again I am rather taken with these new flats – mostly for commuting purposes. They look incredibly comfy and not as ridiculous as trainers with a summer skirt – win.

I like the neon dip-dye pumps and this season they are on-trend and would look good with bright skinny jeans- handy for long walks when flip flops and ballet pumps won’t cut the mustard and you don’t want to wear hot and sticky trainers!

Interestingly Crocs came close to ruin in 2009 before the company introduced new styles (less clog and more cool) and it’s paid off. People are loving the flats and other designs that now make up over half of its sales. Crocs now do wedges, flip flops and deck shoes – even leather ones and a work croc (ok we’re not sold on the rubbery mid-heel!)

But credit where credit is due – last year Crocs raked in $150m profit and a $1bn revenue.  Are you a fan of the flats?

Carliana peep toe ombre flats £34.99 from Crocs (shh!)

And in acid green/aqua

I quite like these (remind me of jelly shoes and therfore summer holidays)

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