Girls on Film: The Carrie Diaries

I am always wary of trying to re-invent the wheel and consequently of film/TV sequels in general. How do you improve on a classic? So having watched the original TV phenomena that is Sex and the City in my late teens/early twenties I am a little queasy about The Carrie Diaries.

Of course I love a sitcom set in New York with fabulous clothes and messy dating plots and am excited that the show has got Gossip Girl’s stylist lined-up, but no matter how great the actress, and I’m sure AnnaSophia Robb will do a great job, I find it hard to imagine anyone but Sarah Jessica Parker playing Carrie.

Call me a cynic, but I would rather watch something original then try and reprise a character whose infatuation with shoes, men and even her besties, became, well clichéd and a little unbelievable, and at the back of my mind, the fact that Carrie, a journalist, could afford countless pairs of Manolos annoyed me a little.

Little rant over, despite the predictable plotlines (I’m not saying there weren’t some great lines and moments) I did love SATC and as for the fashion- it was brilliant- SJP especially but of its time. So I will be watching The Carrie Diaries despite my reservations, if only to see if AnnaSophia Robb can pull of Carrie’s slightly crazy haute dress sense.

Interestingly Patricia Field and SJP herself decided not to get involved in the young Carrie project but Eric Daman seems to have nailed what I imagine Carrie would have worn- the sparkly puffy dress and kooky animal print cardi ensemble at least. I just hope there’s not a whole episode on the beginning of the annoying ‘beautiful shoe’ obsession thing.

The all new Carrie

Vs the girls, ahead of their time in peplums and bodycon

The real Carrie off duty

Carrie perfecting the print clash a few years early!

Puffy skirt love!

THE tutu dress

The newbie


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